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About Whitaker Floor Coverings Inc in Newberry

Our Story

Family Owned Small Business

Whitaker Floor Coverings Inc is family owned and operated. They are your neighbor. They work and live in Newberry and the surrounding communities of Newberry County and understand your needs. That means that they carry products that are based on local trends and desires rather than national sales. Also you can expect Whitaker Floor Coverings Inc to provide the best personal service, best value, and best warranties. And best of all, buying from Whitaker Floor Coverings Inc keeps your money in Newberry and help builds a strong local economy.

Years of Service

Looking for a store that has longevity? Whitaker Floor Coverings Inc has over 75 years of experience in Newberry, South Carolina. To get the most from a company, they need to be around before, during, and after the sale. Approximately 50% of Newberry County companies fail in the first five years. While being new in the South Carolina market doesn't always mean a company isn't reliable, being in business for awhile means Whitaker Floor Coverings Inc has earned the trust of consumers in Newberry and the surrounding communities since 1947.

Friendly Experts

Whether you need a new carpeting or ceramic/porcelain or laminate flooring, our friendly experts will help you find exactly what you need to fit your lifestyle, home decor, and budget. We will consider the area to be decorated, the type of traffic (Kids? Pets?), lighting, colors, and other factors to create a stunning decor. Come and visit their Newberry showroom at 2625 Winnsboro Road to see, touch and feel the latest styles!


In our experience helping with renovations, we came to realize the importance of knowledgeable vendors who sell high-quality materials and offer full-service installation. We wanted to ensure that customers’ and designers’ imaginations would not go to waste — that their visions, even when ambitious, could be realized.

We never want a customer to settle for a watered-down version of their initial idea, no matter their budget—and, with some cleverness and some creativity, we know our goal is possible.

With this common aim, we have come together to provide a wide selection of materials and expert guidance on what we consider to be one of the most noticeable and transformative features of any space: flooring.

We work hard to maintain a record of excellence and to create spaces you can enjoy.